2-Person Intercom Offroad Intercom with integrated Bluetooth

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The Rugged RRP362-BT is a 2-place Bluetooth intercom providing clear communications between driver and co-driver. Simply pair your device to enjoy music while on your ride! The simple master volume control makes it the easiest intercom to operate and adapts to almost any 2-way radio for additional car to car communications. Simply mount, plug in and turn on. It’s that easy!

The "live mic" operation delivers constant communication between driver and co-driver.

Adding an optional 2-way mobile radio will allow you to speak to base camp and other vehicles also equipped with a 2-way radio. Since the RRP362-BT already features built-in PTT (push-to-talk) buttons, consider our Radio Kits which exclude the additional costs of added PTT buttons.

Push-to-Talk buttons are used to transmit out over the 2-way radio only and are not required for in-car communications. Conversation between driver and co-driver is hands free. When either person speaks or a radio transmission comes in, the music automatically mutes so you can hear the conversation.

Simple mounting is achieved with the supplied side channel L bracket or choose one of the optional easy dash and console mounting brackets.

Designed to be the most affordable intercom available, the RRP362-BT gets you out talking in no time.

Key Features Include:
• 2-person communications
• Bluetooth music streaming
• Live Mic audio
• Front Mounted Push-to-Talk Buttons
• Simple volume dial operation
• Rear 5-pin ports for both driver & co-driver headsets or helmet kits
• Universal 2-way radio connection