75mm VESA

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The 75mm VESA Mount is Mob Armor's adaptive solution to tablet mounting.

Each 75mm VESA mount is topped with a 75mm VESA pattern mounting plate, which can be used with any of our Armor Series line of tablet enclosures or other devices that have a 75mm VESA plate attachment option.

There are currently three styles of mounting bases for the 75mm VESA Mount:

75mm VESA Magnetic features a Neodymium rare-earth magnetic mounting base for mounting onto any ferrous metal surface. The 75mm VESA Magnetic also comes with (2) 65mm steel mounting discs for mounting the 75mm VESA Magnetic anywhere the disc's 3M VHB tape can stick.

75mm VESA Pro-Base features a powder coated Aluminum base for tabletop mounting.

75mm VESA Direct features a 75mm plate base for permanent mounting locations.