2017-2022 Can Am X3 Secondary Clutch Rhino Rollers & Pin Puller Options

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BAD ASS Rhino Rollers for Secondary Clutch: Having issues with cracking rollers on you Can Am X3 secondary clutch?  Want to prevent a ruined trip due to broken rollers? The BADASS Rhino Rollers will cure your problems!  The OEM rollers are prone to cracking during jumping or aggressive riding.  The rollers float off the helix ramps and slam back into them when the tires regain their grip.  This can cause the brittle OEM rollers to crack.  The BADASS Rhino Rollers are made from strong, high tech compounds. These rollers will not only withstand heat up to 340 deg F, but will absorb many impacts without breaking. 

As an option, we are offering our new roller pin puller.  This tool is necessary to change the rollers.