Rocker Power Switch for Waterproof Mobile Radios and Rugged Intercoms

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Simplify your set-up with our PH-MS-WP communications rocker switch. This solution eliminates extra cables with the included 26" intercom and radio install harness with pre-wired rocker switch. The power cord allows you to plug both your radio and intercom into the same power source and easily control them with a rocker switch.

This waterproof version of our popular "comms" switch features a waterproof connector only compatible with our M1, G1, GMR25, and RM25R-WP radios.


  • Main cable length (thick wire): 26"
  • Ignition cable length (blue wire): 18"

Set your VOX & your volume, and simply use the switch to power the entire system on/off. No more re-adjusting your radio and intercom when you get in the car!


All waterproof Rugged Radios intercoms and radios including the M1, G1, GMR25, and RM25R-WP.

Note: See product photos for wiring reference.