Can Am X3 Gearing

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Can-Am X3 Gearing- Lightweight & High Speed

High Speed- Want 10% more top speed out of your Can AM X3? Then these KWI high-speed gear shafts are for you! Race-proven durability and performance to make your X3 capable of well over 100 MPH. These KWI high-speed gear shafts are sold as an exchange only- your shafts will be sent to you ready to drop in your gearbox. Your stock gear shafts are then required to be sent back to KWI in good condition as a core within 14 days. A $1200 core charge agreement will be sent upon purchase, the order will be finalized upon executed agreement. Core charge WILL NOT be charged unless core shafts are not returned in accordance with the agreement.  **FOR RACING ONLY- Professional drivers in sanctioned racing have obtained these higher speeds- KWI does not endorse or recommend driving any vehicle above safe recommended limits****