Dual Band Magnetic Mount Antenna

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Long range, magnetic mount, Dual Band (VHF and UHF) antenna for the Rugged Radios V3 and RH-5R.

Updated design includes BNC connector to make antenna attachment quicker and easier. Simply thread the BNC connector onto the radio and attach your antenna.

With this antenna you increase your transmit distance, maximizing the range and performance of your handheld radio. Simply place the powerful magnetic antenna base onto a large metal surface like the roof of your vehicle, screw the antenna onto your RH-5R and you're ready to transmit further than ever with your RH-5R.

Dual band compatibility means no switching antennas for the bandwidth you're using. Compatible with any VHF and UHF frequency. 

Also compatible with BaoFeng UV5R and other radios with similar antenna connection. Must use BNC-ADPT-VX for use with RDH-16.