Fuel Jug Tie-Down

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This Tie-Down is the perfect way to secure any fuel jugs, utility jugs, and dump cans to your vehicle. The tie-down is designed with a large O-shape section that allows the straps to fit over the spout of most 2.5g, 5g, and 10 gallon jugs. Then secure it to your vehicle or utility rack using our 9.5mm coated “S” hooks with a retention clip on either end. The straps can be adjusted for different size containers using the 3 bar slider on one side, and our signature 1.5″ wide-handled ratchet with molded grip and cushioned release handle on the other.

Designed to work with several different styles of CARB approved Fuel Jugs, as well as VP utility jugs and race style dump cans.

  • Secure Fuel Cans, Utility Jugs, or Dump Cans
  • Large O-Shape section that fits over the spout.
  • Works with most 2.5, 5, & 10 gallon containers.
  • Wide-handled ratchet with molded grip and cushioned release handle
  • Assembled in America