Ground Strap Kit for Antenna, Radio, and Intercom

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The Ground Strap Kit combines both the NMO ground cable and radio/intercom grounding cable in one simple kit. It's a simple addition to your communications setup to improve performance and distance of your two-way radio, antenna, and intercom system.

NMO Ground Cable

Mounts to the brass fitting on your antenna while the other end mounts to your roll cage to provide adequate ground and improve performance for antennas not mounted directly to metal roofs.

It's one of the easiest and most effective additions to your two-way radio communications - whether or not you're using a ground plane (metal surface).

Compatible with 3/8" NMO Cable only. Although shown in blue in some photos and videos, the GS-KIT now features black wiring.

Intercom and Radio Ground Cable
Provide optimal grounding for your radio and intercom with this specialty ground cable. The ground cable mounts to your existing intercom and mobile radio and then to a bare metal surface to provide adequate grounding and reduce RF interference within your communication system. This is especially valuable if you have a powder coated frame as optimal grounding requires contact to the bare metal frame.

Improve performance and clarity with one of the easiest and most effective additions to your two-way radio communications.

Cable Length: 42" total. 30" from intercom to chassis ground.