H43 Circle Track Spotter Kit

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Race Receiver Nitro Bee

Developed for spotters, this specialty crew kit will get your spotter connected! This kit combines the Rugged Radios H43 headset, Nitro-Bee Receiver, and CC-SCAN cable to connect it all together.

Rugged Radios Nitro-Bee
Single channel UHF Receiver developed for race drivers - making it race legal where scanners aren't. Features small size, great price, and fantastic reception ??????? plus a huge leap forward in functionality, receiving any single UHF frequency between 440.0000 ~ 469.9875 Mhz.

Unlike other brands, the Nitro-Bee allows you to use either mono or stereo ear buds, so you can use your favorite pair if you have one! Additonal features include programmable CTCSS and DCS tones and programmable turn on default channel. Another great feature is the button lock to prevent accidental changes while driving.

Package Includes:


Nitro-Bee is the Official
Receiver for USAC and IMCA


The Rugged Radios Nitro-Bee is the perfect for circle track and road racing drivers and teams. Now you can lock into a single UHF channel at virtually all NASCAR, trucks, Indy, short track and long track races.

Today, virtually all drivers use communication frequencies between 440.0000 ~ 469.9875 MHz. With some scanners being banned for drivers and teams, the Nitro-Bee gives you the one-way communication you need while keeping you legal!

Rugged Radios is unique because our Nitro-Bee uses CTCSS or DCS tones! CTCSS and DCS toning essentially means your frequencies are coded so that even if someone else is using the same frequency, there won???????t be a conflict since your transmissions are coded on the same carrier wave. It's compact size, affordable price and great reception make the Nitro Scan the racers choice.???? Fan put your self in the driver???????s seat and be part of the action with Rugged Radios Nitro-Bee!

AAA Battery Required (not included).