Honda Talon Cab Back/Dust Stopper with Vent

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Honda Talon Hard Coated Polycarbonate Cab Back/Dust Stopper with Vent.

  • P/N: 13956 fits the Talon (2019-21) and P/N: 14122 fits the Talon-4 (2020-21).


    If you need a windshield see our P/N: 13955. If you need a windshield and cab back see P/N: 13955-13956 Combo or 13955-14122 for the Talon-4.

  • 1/8” Thick Hard Coated Polycarbonate (both sides).
  • Attaches with our Rubber Fast Straps (The Talon-4 has (2) Thumbscrews also).
  • Tool-less removal..
  • Keeps the dust, water, wind and snow off your back.
  • Slide vent allows airflow on warm days.
  • The Talon-4 P/N: 14122 has an additional bracket along the bottom.
  • Made and/or assembled In Cleveland Ohio.

    Made from 1/8" thick hard coated Polycarbonate unlike others on the market. It features our "Fast Straps" so you can easily remove the dust stopper without any tools. Simply unhook the rubber straps (The Talon-$ has (2) Thumbscrews also). Rubber straps will not scratch your cage.