Honda Talon Laminated Safety Glass Windshield (DOT Rated)

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Honda Talon Laminated Safety Glass Windshield

P/N: 13966

  • Fits: 2019-2022 Honda Talon and 2020-2022 Talon-4
  • Removable vents along the bottom to help prevent the vacuum created with most other full windshields.
  • Laminated safety glass.
  • Powder coated frame. The stock color is gloss black although you can pick custom colors from the drop down menu.
  • Includes (1) 12" hand operated wiper (wipes driver's side only)
  • Rubber Coated mounting hardware protects the cage.
  • DOT Rated and etched into the glass.
  • Laser cut breakaway tabs for mirrors.
  • Frame and glass made in the USA.
  • Laser cut EMP logo plate included.
  • Ships UPS or Fed Ex to your door.


    This is a great windshield for your Honda Talon. The glass is laminated safety glass, the same as many automotive windshields. The frame is powder coated for superior protection. The removable vents let in just enough airflow to help prevent some vacuum while keeping the wind off of you. The DOT rating is etched into the glass. The 12" hand operated driver's side wiper comes in handy on rainy days.