KWI/WSRD Dual Pump Fuel Cap

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KWI Dual Pump Fuel Cap for all 2017 and up Can-Am X3 models.

KWI and WSRD have designed a fuel cap assembly for the HP freaks out there which replaces the OEM fuel cap and allows the use of very high flow single or dual fuel pumps with AN-6 outlet and return fittings.

This fuel cap can be used in a couple of ways

-with a single oem fuel pump and sending unit if you install an external fuel filter. You will simply remove the OEM fuel cap spring rods and install them into the KWI/WSRD fuel cap.

-with custom dual pumps that you fabricate and install. You know what to do.

Full Kit Includes:

1 each- fuel cap, stud, and AN-6 fitting assembly

2 each- AN-6 Fitting

2 each- Corrugated high pressure fuel tubes

2 each- oetiker clamps

2 each- 10Ga fuel pump wire and connector whips

1 set- electrical terminal ends 

Hat & Studs Only Includes:

1 each- Fuel Cap and High amp stud set