KWI X3 Float Mod

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KWI Float Modification benefits:

  • Fix warped clutch sheaves (All of the X3 clutches are warped, and most are warped more than .010" causing belt chatter, loss in wheel HP and increased belt heat.)

  • Fix factory belt misalignment (The secondary clutch is locked in place by BRP to ensure smooth shifting at idle, however; this causes clutch and belt misalignment during shift out, robbing wheel HP and creating belt heat)

  • Lowers belt temps (KWI will resurface and recut your sheave angles for more efficient shifting and more wheel HP)

  • Longer belt life (More efficient power transfer thru the CVT clutch system means less heat and stress which prolongs belt life)

  • Quicker acceleration over unmodified clutches (Testing shows over 1/2 car lead by 60mph over stock unmodified clutches)

  • Quieter clutches (by eliminating warping and belt chatter your clutches will run quieter)

KWI has a proven fix used by thousands of X3 owners worldwide that not only will increase your wheel HP but stabilizes your belt temps and keep shifting ultra-smooth. KWI will true up your warped sheaves, re-cut the sheave angles on both your primary and secondary clutches, set up your clutches to fully float and self-align at all RPM's, service your primary bearing, replace all wearable and damaged parts (wearable or damaged parts replacement is an additional cost) and send your clutches back ready to bolt-on and go. You can purchase our clutch kit at the same time, and we will install it for you during reassembly. 10 day in-house turnaround time.


-CNC machine all 4 of your clutch sheaves so they’re perfectly true and straight.

-Disassemble and inspect your clutches and advise of any damage Repair if necessary after approval.

-Install WKP upgraded rollers that are MUCH stronger than anything on the market today. (yes we've tested them all)

-CNC machine your helix with our Race Helix angles.

-If you want a clutch kit we will install and set it up for your tune, terrain, tire size, and riding altitude.

-Clean, service and reassemble your clutch so it’s ready to bolt-on and go. 

-Includes the KWI float spring, spacer, shims, and complete instructions. 


If you already have the KWI float mod and it was done before May 2019 then there’s been great improvements since your clutches last visited us. Select this and we will:

-Re-machine your clutch and modify it to the latest KWI specs.

-Install WKP upgraded rollers that are MUCH stronger than anything on the market today. (yes we've tested them all)

-CNC machine your helix with our Race Helix angles.

-Test and replace your spring if it’s lost some pressure.

-Reassemble your clutch so it’s ready to bolt-on and go.


Send a copy of the order in with your clutches and completely filled out the float form. Send us your clutches, and we will give you substantially lower belt temps, longer belt life, quieter and smoother operating clutches, and more wheel HP! We will also machine your warped clutch sheaves, so they’re perfectly straight. Modify your clutches with our patented float modification to correct the factory clutch misalignment; recut your factory helix with our special CNC race angles to give you much stronger mid-range and top-end power. Install WKP Can-Am Maverick X3 HD Secondary Clutch Rollers to replace the brittle factory rollers, install a clutch kit specifically designed for your tune, terrain, and altitude.   ***Does not include any over and above repair parts or labor or shipping; these items will be processed prior to shipping your clutches back****



All model years of 120HP version, all 2107 models and all early production 2018 Can-AM X3 models came with a primary clutch outer half design that was a thinner, all-aluminum casting and suffers from accelerated tower wear at the slider shoe contact surface, especially in higher HP units (over 120HP). This older design was also noisy.  If constant maintenance is not performed to monitor the wear and replace components as necessary then you will end up with a damaged outer half and governor cup which will cost approx $700 to replace. To prevent this accelerated wear and damage we suggest you send your clutches into us to have the outer half replaced with the new design that is much more robust, has steel wear plates, will not wear like the older models and is much quieter.

KWIk Tips: we explain why you would want a KWI Float Mod.