MAC-IDA Dual Motor Pumper

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The MAC-IDA is a powerful 2-motor pumper with independent fans for each port.

Each fan can be independently controlled with an optional Variable Speed Controller, providing each user complete adjustability.

Small, compact and easy to mount, the MAC-IDA features nested motors within the filter to reduce overall size. Mounting is achieved with our exclusive half clamp bar mounts available in most tubing sizes.

Eliminate the dust with the purpose built washable dry media filter with Outerwear particulate wrap. Run the entire race with one filter then simply wash in water so you’re ready for the next event. No more losing air because of a clogged filter!

Matched with our optional VSC (Variable Speed Controller) the MAC-IDA can be turned down for staging then instantly turned up for high pressure ventilation. Note: A VSC controller will be required for EACH motor. You cannot control both motors with a single VSC Controller.

Pumper Features:
• Dual helmet outlet
• Only 2.7 pounds
• Dimensions: 6"T x 6.75"W x 4.5"D
• Low current draw
• 6061 billet alloy construction
• Washable dry media air filter
• Outerwear particulate pre-filter wrap
• High duty cycle life motor
• Waterproof power connector

Mounting Options (sold separately):
Dual bar mounts (one for each side)