Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo Race Intercooler

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High charge air temperatures are the enemy for a turbocharged engine and our High Efficiency Race Intercooler is designed to combat this problem.

  • Highest efficiency core available anywhere - denser air charge means more power!
  • High flow aluminum end tanks for much smoother flow in and out of the core
  • Race tested for durability and performance at the BAJA 1000, BITD and Lucas Offroad Series with great success
  • Testing has shown up to 40 degree reduction in charge air temperature over the OEM intercooler
  • 100% Bolt on, direct replacement - reuses OEM fan (requires minor trimming of the OEM plastic)
  • CAD engineered cast aluminum end tanks designed for maximize flow & efficiency
  • Lower overall intake temperature keeps timing optimized which in turn means more power
  • Approximately 40% larger core than the OEM intercooler
  • Includes a completed intercooler with provisions to mount OEM intercooler fan