Motorola MAG ONE 8 Channel UHF Radio

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The BPR™40 portable two-way radio delivers reliable, intuitive communication through 8 channels and 2 programmable buttons.

The high-/low-power option saves battery charge. Features such as nuisance channel delete and repeater talkaround make the radio a versatile, high-performance device.

The BPR40 is part of the Mag One™ by Motorola radio portfolio. This affordable solution delivers quality, value, and clear communications! Small radio, big features!

Squelch Levels
Helps minimize interference from undesired weak signals and helps
weak signals be heard.

Tricolor LED
Indicates radio status and battery
levels at a glance.
Large, Textured Push-to-Talk Button
Easy to find and use without looking.
Single Priority Scan
Frequently scans higher priority channels.
Large Rotary Channel Selector
Allows you to changes channels easily.
On/Off and Volume Control
Large size lets you adjust the volume quickly.
Adjustable Power Level
Helps save battery life. Adjusts transmit power to accommodate user environment.
Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis
Polycarbonate housing provides greater protection.