PCI ComLink X Elite Race

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The Baja Proven Race Intercom

The Comlink X Features:

  • Dual Volume Controls
  • Speed sensitive volume control, 3 settings - Compensation for background noise increasing or decreasing
  • Driver radio isolation feature - Driver can shut off all outside radio chatter and still talk to co-driver
  • Pre-wired for sat phone, in-car camera and external audio source
  • Includes two helmet/headset cables, a 12' and 16'
  • One Panel Mount and one Velcro Mount Push to Talk Button.

Our Comlink X Elite Intercom comes standard with great features like digitally controlled squelch and noise cancellation. Upgrade your intercom to PCI Exclusive Bluetooth and/or DSP Technology.

  • DSP - "Digital Signal Processing" electronically removes all noise from the intercom system except your voice. This is a MUST have for Trophy Trucks, Class 1's, vehicles without a windshield, V8 cars, or loud exhaust. Simple, one touch operation on the face of the intercom allows you to turn on DSP when you need it, and turn it off when you don't.
  • Bluetooth - Pair your Cell phone or Bluetooth capable music device player for wireless music and phone calls.  Listen to your music without connecting any wires or have a cell phone conversation without ever connecting your phone to your intercom system. With cell phone service in most racing areas nowadays, the Bluetooth cell option can even allow you to call to pits when you are out of radio range! Simple, one touch operation on the face of the intercom allows you to play or pause while music is playing, or answer incoming phone calls!