Phoenix Co2 Air Jack

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Our new lightweight, portable, Co2 operated jack is made specifically to carry on UTV's and other lightweight off road vehicles. It utilizes 20-25 gram Co2 canisters to operate and comes with 4 cartridges. It is supplied with a bag to carry the jack and accessories. Brushed Stainless Steel construction makes it look great and will last many many years. 


  • Durable Stainless Steel and precision Aluminum construction. 
  • Over 2' of adjustable lift height.
  • Simple and intuitive Co2 Regulator controller.
  • Compact design can be easily mounted to roll cage.
  • Weighs 5.6 lbs 
  • Lifts 2000 lbs
  • 25g cartridge = 2 lifts

Optional Accessories:

  • Roll bar mount kit  
    • Includes a stainless steel fire extinguisher style quick release roll bar mount
    • Tactical roll bar holster securely stores three 25gram Co2 cartridges along with air controller, eliminating the need for additional storage.
  • Base
    • Extra large base mount prevents Phoenix Air Jack from sinking on soft surfaces like sand, mud, and grass.
    • Features stainless steel construction for durability, interlocking Pro Eagle tabs to secure to Phoenix Air Jack, and recovery cable for easy retrieval.
  • Flat lift pad
    • Stainless steel flat lift pad replaces the supplied U-shaped lift for use on flat lifting points.