Expand to 4 Place with AlphaBass Carbon Fiber Headsets

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Expand your two-person intercom system to 4 persons with this AlphaBass Headset expansion pack.

The AlphaBass Headset is fully featured, top of the line headset for music lovers, and features high fidelity true stereo, amplified, full-range bass speakers that pack an incredible audio performance that you can feel! Available for STX Stereo and Mono Intercoms.

Advanced Features that set the AlphaBass Headset apart:

HIGH FIDELITY TRUE STEREO (with Stereo Intercoms)
Rock while you ride! Take your riding experience to the next level with incredible true stereo sound.

Feel the Bass!
 Full-range speakers paired with an additional bass speaker creates a rich, full sound that you can feel. 

All day comfort! Lightweight carbon fiber paired with breathable, leather ear seals and a deluxe head pad bring you premium style and comfort.



  • STX Intercoms - High fidelity true stereo
  • Mono Intercoms - High fidelity music
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Adjustable Bass Control
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Flex Boom with Dynamic Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Deluxe Comfort Head Pad
  • Comfortable and Breathable Leather Ear Seals
  • Cloth Ear Covers

The adjustable, stainless steel headband allows you to change the fit of the headset without sacrificing tension, allowing for a truly custom, no compromise fit.


  • (2) AlphaBass Headsets
  • (2) 16' STX STEREO Cables
  • (2) Adapter Cables
  • (2) Charging Cables
  • (2) Headset Bags

PLUS2-STX-H28 and PLUS2-STX-H48 Compatibility: Works with Rugged Radios STX STEREO High Fidelity Intercom, Rugged STX STEREO cables, and other stereo intercoms like PCI Trax.

PLUS2-H28 and PLUS2-H48 Compatibility: Works with Rugged Radios MONO intercoms such at the RRP 364, 696, 696PLUS, 5050, 6100.