Polaris RZR XP1000 Turbo S Flat Top Cage 2018

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The Race Inspired Turbo S Flat Top Rzr Cage is in stock and ready to ship. We have our own CNC Tube Cutting machine and digital Bending Machines for Accurate bent parts on our tube products including cages. This insures that the parts are straight and even every time. We can offer prices other shops cannot because our machines manufacturer these parts in a quarter of the time. 

Our cage Prices are some of the best on the market. Don't let the prices fool you our cages are still top quality you would expect from any other reputable Fabrication shop. We just figured out the formula for speeding up the process. No more hand cutting and hand bending that takes days to do. We can cut, bend and weld a cage within a few hours from start to finish. Every Cage we make is designed in CAD and transferred to our machines. 

Our cages are American Made. We race similar style cages that we sell to our customers. Only difference is the welded doors and some corner bracing that the race sanctions make us do. The material and the process is the exact same. Don't let some shop tell you that mild steel is just as safe. It is not. 

For Race Cages please email us utvwolfpack@gmail.com we will get you a price and make sure it meets safety regulations for the Racing Sanction you are racing.

we use D.O.M not mild steel

* 1 3/4 D.O.M Material

* Machined Weld Bungs

* .095 thick 


* Digital Bending

*Fixture welded