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Strengthen, stabilize, and support your clutch shafts to increase wheel HP, prevent belt misalignment due to shaft flex, prevent taper uncoupling on high HP motors!  Includes integrated belt changing tool- simply uses the OEM torx bolt to remove the belt.

When your clutches shift under acceleration the belt pulls the 2 clutches together with extreme forces bending the gearbox input shaft and crankshaft because they are only supported on one side. This bending causes clutch misalignment; belt slip; belt heat; wheel HP loss; and on high HP engines this flex will cause bolt breakage; primary clutch taper uncoupling and severe damage. The KWI RE-ENFORCER fixes all these issues by supporting the opposite side of the shafts. Works with the KWI Float Mod and OEM non-floated Can-Am X3 clutches.  Made with the highest grade materials, lightweight, and ultra-strong. 7075 aluminum, Chromoly Heim joints, and ceramic bearings rated for 11000 RPM.

*Not compatible with OEM Variator Cover (Clutch cover)**Clutch cover must be removed**

Parts Included

2 each-  Bearing Housing

1 each-  Primary Brace Cup

1 each-  Primary Brace Retaining Washer

1 each-  KWI 630L ULTIMATE clutch bolt and Lubricant

1 each-  Brace secondary clutch bolt

1 each- Secondary Brace Spacer

1 each- Secondary Brace retaining washer

2 Each- Brace Rods with Rod ends #15 and Jam Nuts #16

4 Each- Brace rod bolt washers

4 Each- Brace rod bolts

**RACING IS A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY AND PURCHASERS OF KWI CLUTCHING PRODUCTS ACKNOWLEDGE THE INHERENT RISKS ASSOCIATED. KWI CLUTCHING MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS THAT ITS PRODUCTS CAN REDUCE OR ELIMINATE ANY SUCH RISK. KWI CLUTCHING products are NOT FOR STREET, HIGHWAY, OR AIRCRAFT USE and are intended ONLY for race vehicles operated on closed-course facilities or race tracks with appropriate supervision of qualified technicians or mechanics to ensure that the safety needs of the race driver and others are met. KWI CLUTCHING products could be combined with other products or parts which may not be suitable and could adversely affect the performance of other race parts or the vehicle. The user shall determine the ultimate suitability and safety of the product for its intended use, and the user assumes all responsibility and risk in connection therewith.**