Rock Sliders Kit for Polaris RZR XP900 / XP1000 / XP1000 TurboS 4Seater

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Rock Sliders Kit for Polaris RZR XP900 / XP1000 / XP1000 Turbo "S" 4Seater 2Pc

Stand out from the crowd, this high durable Rock Sliders speaks for themselves, CNC machined, milled name or number.

  • Easy to install, tough on the trail.
  • Made of 1/8" or 3/16" T5052 thick strong aluminum(Your Choice)
  • Brushed aluminum as standard finish.
  • Includes installation hardware.

 Link to the Installation Manual


Maximum milling area 13'' x 2.25'' the size may change depending on the length of your text, we can print up to 1 line of text


Our milling service is only available in Steiner Font


1 - Choose the Quantity, Thickness and Color.

2 - Send us a Message with the text you want it to be milled.

3- You must include the Year and Model of your car.



I want it to say:

SMITH - 1st line

We do text align center basically

Any order without any specifics details will be delayed until we get this information

We will mill it exactly how you tell us, you are responsible for double check the spell, capitals etc.

If you required a proof of how your Rock Sliders will look before we mill it, please let us know,

we can send you a picture of how will look before we customize it.

It takes from 5 to 10 business days lead time for customization, we processes orders 7 days a week.