2 Person - 364 Communication Intercom System with Helmet Kits

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Affordable, simple, and easily expandable meet the 364 Intercom! The RRP364-BTC intercom is perfect for two people and easily expandable to four, so the whole family can chatter over the trail noise.

Simple, easy-to-use, controls include a master volume control and built-in Push-To-Talk (PTT) buttons to transmit over 2-way radio (sold separately). The Live Mic operation delivers constant communication between driver and passengers, offering truly hands-free, in-car communication!

Integrated Bluetooth allows for streaming music, making phone calls, and listening to GPS navigation using your smartphone.

Kit Includes:

    Perfect for any offroad, rally, jeep, or any other vehicle where easy in-car communication is needed.

    Designed to be the most affordable intercom available, the RRP364-BTC is ready to get you talking!