STX STEREO High Fidelity Bluetooth Intercom

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Introducing the Rugged Radios STX Stereo Intercom featuring High Fidelity True Stereo Music, Tunable Equalizer App, and Rear Seat Isolation Mode.

The STX Stereo Intercom is fully featured, top of the line play intercom for vehicles with 2 to 4 seats. The STX Stereo Intercom features voice activated music-dimming, two-way radio connectivity for group communications, and enhanced Bluetooth for streaming music and the ability to answer phone calls.

The STX Stereo Intercom will outperform your expectations with ease of use, incredible stereo sound, and one-of-a-kind features that will take your riding experience to the next level!

Advanced Features that set the STX Stereo Intercom apart:

Rock while you ride! The latest generation Bluetooth technology combined with Alpha Audio Speakers will take your music listening to a new level.

Take control!
The proprietary smartphone equalizer app gives you full control of your music allowing you to easily fine tune for different music and sound preferences.???

Two intercoms in one! With the push of the Crew Isolate button, the driver and co-driver can talk and listen to music while the rear seat passengers can have their own separate conversation.



  • High Fidelity, True Stereo Music
  • Tunable Equalizer App iOS and Android
  • Rear Seat Isolation Mode
  • Enhanced Bluetooth
  • Total Cell Phone & Music Control???interface
  • Ergonomic Volume & VOX controls
  • Two-Way Radio Ready

Compatibility: Works with Rugged Radios STX STEREO helmet kits and headsets, Rugged Radios STX STEREO cables, and other stereo helmet kits and headsets like PCI Trax.

OFFROAD wired helmet kits and headsets can be used with adapters. However, to reproduce music in true stereo STX STEREO wired helmet kits or headsets, and cables must be used.