Weatherproof Kit

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Protect your communication equipment with the Rugged Radios Weatherproof Kit. Included is everything you need to keep water, dust and debris out of any ports or jacks that are not in use. Perfect for when you're storing the vehicle or washing out the weekend dust and dirt.

Off-Road Plugs - Designed to fit your Nexus style jacks, use this plug to keep the female end sealed against water, dirt, and debris whenever you disconnect your helmet kit.

RJ-45 Dustcap - Use this dustcap to protect against dirt and debris in your Motorola or Vertex VX2200 Mobile Radios when your hand mic port is not in use. These will also fit any other RJ-45 connection port.

3.5mm Plugs - Seal up the small 3.5mm music and cell ports on the front of your intercom when not in use. These plugs will also fit in any other standard 3.5mm port.

Silicone O-Rings - These small silicone rings pack a big punch when it comes to keeping out water and moisture. They fit all Rugged Radio intercoms, headsets, and male connectors.

Protect your investment and keep your comms in top working order!

Includes :
• (4) Off-Road Plugs
• (1) Front and Rear Radio Port Plugs
• (3) 3.5mm Plugs
• (12) Silicone O-Rings