Yamaha YXZ Chromoly Roll Cage with Aluminum Roof

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Only offered in Chromoly currently 1 3/4 x .120 wall Chromoly

Here is our One of our latest Cages that is built for the YXZ Yamaha. This cage not only looks clean but is also one of the safest cages on the market. We CAD design our products with precision Engineering making sure that every point the lands has a purpose. Every tube is backed up by another tube and inside our CAD program can figure out the weak points. This design process eliminates 80% of the real world testing that the normal Fabrication shop uses when building products. We don't want our customers to test if this is a strong cage or not, we do it for you. With tons of these cages being raced in a completive series and also a ton of people using them daily for recreational riding we are confident you will be happy with your purchase. We not only build these in house in the U.S.A but we also have an extensive Racing back ground so we know how to build a safe product that last. Every cage is fixtured and welded for perfect fits every time.


Standard Cage Comes with 

1.Aluminum Roof

2. Dzus buttons for the roof

3. Two whip tabs for the rear of the cage


Optional add ons

1. Led Light Tabs

2. Front V Bar

3. Welded Doors

4. Chromoly or D.O.M we make both

5. Mig Or Tig Welded